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Social Media: A Party For Your Customers - Part 2: Facebook and Twitter

This entry is 2  of a 3 part series. For the full experience make sure to read:

- "Social Media: A Party For Your Customers - Part 1: Joining the Party".


Facebook: The Living Room Party

Facebook can be, and is definitely used in a variety of ways. From disseminating information to saying hello to old friends.

The most rewarding use of Facebook for users comes from not being bombarded with information. Users of Facebook tend to see their stream as akin to a living room party and a small gathering of friends. It’s mostly people they know, providing them with status updates and interesting links to content that they care about.

Using these as a starting point, we can build a foundation of how to create engagement with Facebook users without spamming them. Feel free to let people know quickly and concisely what you’re business is up to. Have a new shipment of a product coming out? Are you interested in getting feedback for future products or sending out a survey? Facebook is great for all of that.

As a general rule of thumb if you’re just starting out, do your best to avoid overt and constant Calls To Action. Yes, the goal is to have them buy a product from you, but if all you’re doing is selling trying to sell them something, then it can feel a bit abrasive. Think about it this way, if you invite someone into your living room and all they want to talk about is their business, you might feel at a loss for what to talk to them about.

When you do have a call to action make sure to create a clear incentive. Consider coupons or discounts available only to Facebook users. Make sure that you’re always rewarding your users and customers, so that they feel that the same when they’re purchasing your products.


Twitter: The Loud Cocktail Party

Twitter is fast. It’s the speed-dating of social media. Twitter is the place where people are gathering around, shouting bits of conversation at one another. Every now and again people go off and have “@replies and conversation with people. But don’t let the brevity fool you. Answer a question quickly or wittily and you’ll find that you’ve gained a follower, or a person who may be interested in your business.

A good strategy for gaining follower is to search for questions and help people out. If you run a plumbing business you may find it rewarding to answer simple questions that you get al the time. It may not generate a quick customer but it will create brand loyalty and customer acknowledgement in the long run.

The party doesn't end there of course, make sure to join us in Part 3, where we'll discuss effective blogging and some basics of mailing lists.


Social Media: A Party For Your Customers - Part 3 Blogging and Mailing Lists 


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