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The Dangers of Online Reputation Management Services

The internet is filled with phoneys, and charlatans claiming to be well-versed in the dark arts of repairing companies and brands. A few searches and clicks will bring you to the door step of companies that claim to specialize in generating content that will make your business look better. Similar in nature to “article spinning”, which we’ve written about before, it should be avoided at all costs.

While there are many methods and services that will provide small business owners with reputation managers, it would do you well to discuss methodologies. Real reputation management takes time and requires patience. Creating metrics of success and measuring results can be a long-term investment but will definitely prove worthwhile in the long run.

On the other hand, services that claim to create alternative glowing reviews about your products or business in a short time should be met with a skeptical eye. Services like these can be dangerous and pose potential problems with search engines down the road.

By utilizing poorly constructed hacks like article spinning businesses are placing themselves squarely in front of the crosshairs of search engines. Remember, when we fake things or generate duplicate content to fool the search engines get upset; and you don’t want to see search engines upset. Once your site is banned from search engine, it’s nearly impossible to win back that reputation.

Generating brand loyalty is hard. So is listening to customers who may not see things your way. We’ll talk more about repairing bad reputations in future posts through social media and customer engagement, but suffice to say that listening and responding and respectfully will not only benefit your company in the long run, but it will most likely save you lots of money down the road.


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