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Using Social Media To Generate Credibility and Confirm Expertise

Previous models of advertising, communication and marketing have been based around the concept of interruption. Users and customer are increasingly become more attuned to what advertising and interruptions look like and are adopting patterns of media consumption that allow them to bypass and ignore content that isn't relevant to them.

So how do you create content that moves past those filters and also adds credibility and expertise to your business? The answer is simple: social media.

Creating content for people is simpler than it's ever been, and using social media is a the best way to share it. By participating in social media by sharing links on Twitter, and Facebook, posting images that inspire you or are relevant to your business on Pinterest, you're adding credibility to your business as well as strengthening your fundamental understanding of the way that the web works.  

Sharing is the most fundamental skill you can acquire on the web, and it's  directly tied into the quality of content that you spread. Do your best to share things that you find compelling and interesting and the social media space will respond by sharing it even further. 

Feel free to share your sources too. See something you like, say thank you. Social media, and the web in general reward kindness and those that share. Remember the formula for success on the web? Passion + Voice. If you find it interesting, it just might be that your twitter followers will too, or maybe the people that "like" your business of Facebook will too. 

If the content you share is something that's remarkable Ñ that is, something worth talking about — then users will be hard pressed to develop the distinction between what they want and marketing. The shift has come where users are no longer being tricked into consuming content, they are willingly engaging and sharing it. 


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