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Reducing Inbox Clutter

If you are like many of the internet users out there, you receive a fair amount of spam and unsolicited email. For some the amount they receive can become a problem which creates a delay or masks important emails from their view in their inbox.

Their important emails from people they correspond with regularly are now mixed in with their spam and other potential junk messages.

To solve this problem I implement a message filter in my email client that I like to call "Don't know you" filter. This filter runs against all incoming mail. The logic within this filter simply says: If the sender email is not one that I have in my address book or is not an email I have sent to in the past, file the email into a special "don't know you" folder for later review.

This simple logic keeps my inbox free from a fair amount of unwanted email. From time to time there is someone new that emails me directly that I have not communicated with before, and these messages fall to the don't know you folder for later review. However typically the majority of my email correspondence is with known clientele and staff members internally.

This filter keeps potential junk mail out of my inbox for good. All spam email that my junk filtering doesn't catch rarely ever hits my inbox directly. This makes a good separation between important emails with people I communicate with and potential junk messages. On the rare occassion I receive a message to my don't know you box from someone I do know, I simply right click their email and add them to my address book so that future correspondence goes right to my inbox.

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