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Google Calendar in Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla ThunderbirdI love mozilla thunderbird, it is a great email client. If you use google calendar and you use mozilla thunderbird, why not use them TOGETHER!

First you need to install the "Lightning" add-on in thunderbird. This provides the calendar functionality.

After you have that installed you will need to login to google calendar. If you only want to be able to see your calendar in thunderbird but not modify it then you can go right ahead and use the iCal option, otherwise you will need to use the CalDav functionality that google calendar provides but it's a bit more hidden.

Either way you need to setup a new calendar in thunderbird lightning. I am going to show you how to setup the CalDav option so you will be able to modify the calendar, directly from thunderbird!

Go to the calendar area and on the left, select New Calendar.

Choose On the network.

Select CalDav and then here is the tricky part.

You will need a special URL to use in the location field.

You will take the following url and combine it with your google calendar id.[ your Google Calendar ID ]/events

You can get your google calendar ID by logging in to google calendar ( ) and then choose the arrow from the left and choose calendar settings.

On this screen you will see an area for Calendar Address, on this row you will see (Calendar ID: [your calendar id]). Copy your calendar ID and use it with the URL above to enter in lightning as the Location.

Click Next then setup a name and color for your calendar, click next, then click finish.

When thunderbird goes to pull the calendar it will ask you for a login. Use the email address and password that you use to login to google calendar. You can select to have it store the password so you won't have to enter it again.

TaDa! You now have your google calendar setup in thunderbird!

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