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Building Better Customer Experiences Through Social Media

Great products, and carefully designed experiences create marketers out of satisfied customers. Think about the last great meal that you had at a restaurant and how you were excited to share your newfound discovery with the people that you know. It’s likely that you wrote a review. Maybe you posted it on Facebook, or Yelp!. Maybe you sent out a Twitter message to all your followers. In any case your casual “thumbs up” acted a serious boon to that restaurant. 

This is power of social media. It empowers individuals to review experiences without hesitation. It creates an immediate publishing platform for those interested in sharing their experiences with the world, and it's through this technological portal that your business can thrive in your customer's eyes.

Give Them Something To Talk About

All of the power of social media comes from memorable experiences. The goal is to remind customers, clients and users that they’ve had positive experiences with you. This means caring about customer service and client relations.

Being engaged with your business’s goals means having an understanding of what your customers will enjoy. By committing yourself and your business to excellence, be it in product design or customer service,  you’re sending the message that you care about what you do. Customers and clients all want to be aligned with excellence, and they’ll proudly spread the word about your skills and commitment.

Make It Easy to Share Experiences

Being easy to find is a great way to make it easy for customers to review your business, product or service. Make sure that your website’s URL is catchy and that your users can remember it. Make that Facebook page easy to find, make sure that the Twitter username is short and easy to remember . You don’t want to ever create barriers between you and your users.

Be Thankful

Adding share buttons to your site is a good idea, but thanking users personally when you’re mentioned on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram is great idea. Never forget that your users are people too; and reciprocating a positive comment can endear them to you even more.

Communities online are based around the simple reward and incentive of being around positive and life-minded people. There’s no shame in telling your customers how great they are and how much they mean to you, they’ll certainly appreciate it and spread the word.

Anyone who runs a business knows the power of referrals. It’s the lifeblood of a business. Sharing thoughts, experiences and ideas is easier than ever before in human history. The potential to grow a business based on positive interactions and feedback with customers, clients and users is greater than ever.

It’s always a pleasure to discover something new, but it’s even more wonderful to share that delight with friends who are likely to join you in praising something.


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