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Creating Effective Marketing Campaigns for Niche Audiences

Often when creating a business model we assume that appealing to the largest audience possible equals the maximum amount of profits. But the truth is that there is a lot to be said about specializing in a particular section of a larger field.

Moving closer into niche means establishing a clear idea of who our potential customers are. Once we know who they are we can move toward understanding how best to speak to them.  Remember,  thinking about who we’re talking to gives us information about how we talk to them.

As business owners and as entrepreneurs we should constantly be asking ourselves; who this is for? What do we want them to do with the product, service or skill that we’re offering? Asking these questions creates goals for social media, marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as the design and best implementation of a website.


Once we know who our users speak and communicate we can start thinking about the channels in which to communicate to them. If we’re interested in selling retirement packages, we might be wasting our time developing and creating content for Tumblr or Pinterest. If on the other hand, we’re interested in establishing a clothing brand that  emulates fashion designs in films — then Tumblr and Pinterest are certainly a worthy place to invest our time and attention.

Finding out where users are is important because it can dictate where we place our ads, the keywords that we purchase, the location of billboard advertising, and ultimately how those ads are designed.

Tone and Voice

The way that we speak to our colleagues is not the same way that we speak to our customers. In fact, our customers might have completely different ways of describing their particular niche.

If you speak to a person who’s grown up on the UK, they might be comfortable with the name “Cheesey Pasta”; while an American growing up on the east coast might call the same meal as a “Kraft Dinner”; and I might refer to it as “Macaroni and Cheese”. We’re all talking about the same thing, yet who we are and the environment that we inhabit dictate how we talk.
When we design campaigns we should think carefully about who we’re trying to talk to. By doing this we create an immediate sense of comfort between a brand and a customer. This establish a vital trust that leads to a positive interaction with a product, service or brand.

Regardless of the business that we’re in, our goal is to initiate valuable relationships with our customers that lead to satisfaction for both of us.


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