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How To Make Your Business Mobile

Enjoying Summer Beach

Summer is here again, and in this brief post we’ll be providing you with some tips on how to get out of the office and enjoy that sun! Mobility and fast response is critical for business of all sizes, but it’s especially important for entrepreneurs. With these tips we know that you’ll be able to bask and experience the great outdoors and avoid looking at the sun from an office window.

We believe that staying connected with your employees, customers, and nearly every facet of your business is crucial to running a small business and we’re dedicated to helping you meet that goal.

The tips mentioned here focus on utilizing a smart phone or tablet, but the truth is that any part of your business that’s online whether it’s payments, customer metrics, or simply staying in contact with your employees is something that you can do anywhere. The best part of putting your business online is that you always have access and control over it. 

Let’s get started!                         

The Basics

The core of a travel and mobile business is a solid and persistent connection to the web and its applications. Here at Lunawebs, we build software with mobility in mind. Access to your online store, billing, payments, and site information are designed to be just a few clicks away. If you have access to the web, you have access to your business.

This means that if you’re on a beach and have a cellular data connection you’ll be able to keep a close watch, and act upon, a large amount of the work that you can do in the office.

If you have any of the following hardware, in order from lightest to heaviest, should be good to go:

  • Smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, etc.)
  • Tablet (iPad, Nexus 7, etc. A data plan is great to have but wifi only will do fine)
  • Laptop (MacBook Air, Apple OS X, or Windows PC laptop)

The Software

Most modern web applications have mobility and portability baked directly into them, so downloading an app or using the mobile version of any of these sites should be super easy. Our goal is to access to our data anywhere. In this regard we have a few options.

For Files on the Go:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive (formerly known as Google Docs)
  • Apple iCloud
  • Microsoft’s Skydrive
  • Evernote

Personally, I use Dropbox, but you’re welcome to use anything that you feel will work best with your phone, tablet, or comfort. Again, the goal is to create a frictionless environment that allows you to move your data up to the cloud without any doubt in your mind that it will be there the next time that you sit down at your computer.

Browsers and Email

Being able to respond to emails as well as check on the status of your website is critical so mobile browsers are a godsend. On Apple based devices the default browser is set as Mobile Safari, but it’s a good idea to install a few more browsers.

I’m currently using Google Chrome on my iPhone. Google Chrome is the default browser for Android phones. While not drastically different than Apple’s Safari browser it’s worth consideration if you’d like to sync tabs and histories between multiple devices.

If, for example, you are logged into Chrome on your iMac, and have to switch to your mobile phone, you’ll be happy to see that you can simply reload all of your tabs and browsing history everywhere you go.

Syncing multiple mail accounts is easier than ever via Apple’s iPhone as well as Google’s Android mobile platform. Sending, receiving, forwarding, archiving and starring email is easier than ever and doing it on a smart phone or tablet is just as easy as doing it on a desktop.

The years of being pinned to a desk and being forced to work in a cubicle are almost completely behind us. Thanks to advances in computing power and cloud based storage, an increasing amount of work can be done from a smartphone or a tablet. We hope that these basic strategies help to get you started in journeying away from the office.

Did we miss something, or would you like to know more? Send us an email or let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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