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The Power of Community

Creating new users is always important, but creating an environment for the ones that are already there is equally, if not more important. Anyone that works in client services will tell you that a new client is not the same as an old client that has come back. Making it a point to find new clients or visitors to our site is a worthy goal, but taking care of the people already in the fold is nearly twice as important.

Creating customer satisfaction is critical at every step in the production pipeline of any business. Making sure that your users are happy means that you’re listening, that you’re taking their ideas and thoughts under consideration and that you value you their input. Ever hear the expression “good ideas spread”. This is true especially in business, but more true than ever in the world of the web. People that have positive experiences don’t feel guilt or qualms about sharing that information with people that they like — which will always lead to more clients, and satisfied customers.

In the past business suffered from the deeper pockets of larger businesses  who could afford to run expensive SEO, and keyword marketing campaigns. This isn’t as true as it once was. Search engines like Google and Bing have begun to adjust their search ranking algorithms to incorporate and reflect positive reviews and comments on social networks like Google Plus, Twitter, FourSquare.

Taking the time to define clear goals of customer satisfaction and then gently encouraging them to tell their family, friends and colleagues by proving with incentives can be a surefire way to increase your businesses social media presence as well as your revenue stream.


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