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The Secret To Blogging? Document Your Process

One of the easiest and fastest ways to generate content your website is to blog. But what to write about? The impulse to create lists of content drivel come strong to a beginner, but the secret to the maintenance of quality content that leads to quality traffic is providing solution to problems.

The web and your website is made up of content. The content that we find ourselves searching for usually helps us solve a problem. Perhaps we want to find a 24 hour plumber? Maybe we’re looking for the best place to buy furniture? Or a great chicken recipe? All of these begin with the initial goal of documenting a process for those that are uninitiated.

By writing about your process, be that your businesses methodology or it’s production techniques, you add strength your credibility as a domain expert. If you’re a programming whiz write about your PHP framework experiences, or if you’re a brilliant baker document your process for kneading bread.

The goal of this is two fold. Yes, it rewards site visitors and consumers of content, but the larger goal might be an internal business one. You can see what you’re doing right, and in some cases learn from what you’re doing wrong. Business owners and entrepreneurs that aren’t interested in finding out what they’re weak points are are probably not going to be business owners for too long.

Documenting what you’ve learned about your business via your company blog shows that you’re interested in transparency — a trait that consumers respect and develop allegiances to. Make a mistake? Let your users know. They may already know, and being honest to your customers is always the best policy.

By define a methodology and statement of principles through the content that you create  you give customers, consumers, and users of your site a clear understanding of what you stand for. This will always lead to users choosing to invest time and attention on your business.

Blogging is key in this regard. Any writing instructor will tell you to write what you know. Writing tutorials, or explanations about your process will strengthen your brand and give you the ability to convey a clear message about your business. Do what you do best: be passionate about what you do professionally. Few know more about what kind of flowers to get on mother day than a florist — so why not document that?

Moving forward pay special attention to what business are writing about, who they’re communicating and how that might resonate with you as a consumer. You’ll find that what resonates is a clear and honest tone of wanting to help and solve problems. If you keep that in mind when writing for you company blog — the sky's the limit.


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