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What Exactly Is "Content Strategy"?

In online marketing circles, and increasingly of interest to content creators, and search engines the term “content strategy” has exploded. But does it even mean?

It’s a bit complicated, but at a high-level, Content Strategy and Content Strategists work with web designers, developers, user interface engineers, writers and editors to create a cohesive brand and experience for websites. Content strategy utilizes the best practices of a variety of mediums to suit the needs of site visitors, clients and customers. 

Why Content Strategy? Why is this important?

Creating structured content is a great idea if you’re developing content for the web -- and anyone that is creating anything online is creating content for the web. Knowing where you’re going or when you’re lost is important and a solid content strategy can act as a well lit road map to your goals.

An organized system and taxonomy is also a boon for search engines. Google has confirmed many times that blogging and social media provides them with clean data to search and it allows them to serve relevant ads. It’s in everyone’s best interest to have a clean system and strategy for success.

Another factor to consider is the ability to give a better understanding of who your business is to your customers as well as you and your employees. It creates an environment where both parties, business and customers/site visitors know what is going on and how they serve each other. 

How It Helps Develop a Brand Or Style 

Developing a framework for  the content that you create might sound restrictive, but it can help you generate traffic to your blog  when used in combination with other SEO tools, like keyword mapping and writing for an audience. 

All of this guides us to create strong, complete experiences that people can understand. It strips the fat off of misdirected content and allows us to drill down into what our business are really about. With this focus we’re able to serve customers, clients and site visitors appropriately. 

Having a plan is always a good idea and developing one for a critical part of your business like your website is absolutely essential to successful entrepreneurship.


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