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Managing Facebook Pages - Removing RSS

As many Facebook users know - there is not much stability to the navigation, interface or flow of Facebook. It seems FB developers change the entire interface or major parts every other week. So as I was struggling recently to manage my facebook pages and removing the RSS feed from one of them - I thought I'd share the "how to".

Managing Facebook Pages

There are two simple ways to do this. Since I happen to manage a lot of Facebook fan pages from within my profile - it's a necessity to be able to get to them frequently. Or if you have a social media management tool like the Luna Social media Module - you can do it from one login (shameless plug I know). By the way - our social media module allows you to auto post to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all at the same time without having to login to each of them.

Ok - back to business.... Go to one of your pages when logged in and you can click to "edit" the page.

Alternatively, go to and you'll see all of your pages right there. Again you have to be logged in.

Removing RSS feeds from your Facebook Page.

This became necessary because we built our own tool and API that connects automatically to FB so no more need to have the feed url tied to FB from the pages interface.

Again - Go to public facebook page - or login to the profile that manages your pages and type: .com/pages/manage
click on the page you want to manage
click on edit
click on apps on the left
click on go to app under "notes" on the right
click on "edit import settings" on the left.
You can now remove your rss feed or add it there.



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