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How to Spice Up Your Website with Free Images

Creating content for your website is really important. It helps ensure your website will get "indexed" by search engines like Google and Bing.  Fresh, unique and regular content is a must for a healthy website. But don't just build out content for the search engines and ignore your users. Your website visitors will enjoy your blogs and articles more if you provide graphs, infographics, photos and videos.

You can even get free high quality photos if you do a little be of research. So where do you go?

Public Domain Images

Public domain content is any content that has been released with a special copyright that allows other to repost, redistribute and re-use content with or without a license as long as it follows certain guidelines. In many cases there are no requirements - you just have to make sure the content is truly public domain.

So where can you find public domain images?

Just "Google" "public domain" images or photos and you'll find all kinds of great images to use.

One of my favorite places is Wiki-Pedia. Yes Wiki-Pedia has a ton of great public domain images that you can use on your website with and without permission. Just check and see what the original author requires. Sometimes they want credit, other times a link back to their website and in many cases - they're just happy to share.

Another favorite place is Flickr. Many of these authors require an attribution.

A final place that is a favorite is The image I used for this post of the zebra - was found there. I'm using it under this rights usage:

This file (Grant African zebra) is in public domain, not copyrighted, no rights reserved, free for any use. You can use this picture: Grant African zebra for any use including commercial purposes without the prior written permission and without fee or obligation.

So happy public domain image hunting!


designarts looft
10/31/2012 5:24pm
Nice image article share. Wiki-Pedia seems obvious, but I never considered it a source for images... Happy Halloween! Kent
12/06/2012 12:45pm
I agree
Michael Hannon
11/01/2012 3:47am
Visual Aids Often-heard adages sound corny because we’ve heard them so often. We’ve heard them so often because their virtue of truth continues to stand. —Paul Fletcher A picture is worth a thousand words. Don’t just send a recipe for a hot fudge sundae. Introduce the recipe using a color picture on the front of the postcard with ice cream, chocolate dripping down the side, whipped cream, sprinkled with nuts, topped with a cherry, and the recipe on the back. Attention and retention are greater when a picture accompanies the recipe. The same holds true for any subject. When a picture is not appropriate, use an illustration or graph. Visual aids command more attention than text. If you are going to make the effort, make it your best effort. The goal is “quality of result” when measuring cost-benefit ratios. Economize too much and you end up with cost, but little or no benefit. From "It's a Referral Business"

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