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What is Google AuthorRank? Should You Even Care?

Google search ranking, SEO, getting ranked numero uno... Regardless of industry, there's a strong chance you have inquired about how to position your business as being one of the first to appear when keyed in to the search giant. Historically speaking, search engine rankings are largely based on the number of links going in to your website or blog. Higher links spelled validation and relevance for website content.

Times Change

It seemed like a good idea. It was a good idea, at least initially. What wasn't anticipated was the ease with which links can now be traded. More than that, blackhat SEO firms began doing big business by padding irrelevent, poorly written content with keywords, some going so far as to guarantee they could get a company ranked higher in Google. Recent changes to search engine ranking algorhythms are one step toward detecting spam links and low-quality content, but the war against spam remains a long, bloody battle.

Enter Google AuthorRank

As mentioned above, value and legitimacy of the creator of online content has historically been irrelevant, at least when we're talking about search engine ranking. It makes sense given the focus was on the link as opposed to a person or other entity. Google AuthorRank ultimately shifts a focus to content created by writers who have authority on certain topics.

What Does Google AuthorRank mean for You and/or Your Business?

The short answer: time to make sure you have a Google+ account with a writer headshot!

Businesses will be smart to connect their writer accounts with their Google+ accounts because content containing a byline will ultimately aid in nabbing prime search engine real estate. By creating content and thus, building authority on your area of expertise, the idea is that you will gain readership as opposed to links.

If your website's content is seeing a high number of social media shares, this will also be an important factor in how your website or blog is ranked. Although an individual post may be popular, the social media share(s) are another way Google and other search engines will judge quality.


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