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Vine Means More Opportunity for Businesses (If You Know Where To Start!)

Social media is my well-documented addiction. Unsurprisingly, I'm currently pretty much obsessed with Twitter's new Vine app. While Vine had its share of early controversy, its popularity and fascination with six-second looping video is only continuing to grow. For business owners, Vine means one thing: opportunity.

Golden Goose

It may seem easy to write off, but business owners should ignore the potential marketing goldmine, Vine, can offer. Sure, many Vine videos involve cats, bad holiday sweaters, or seemingly endless cups of coffee, but hang out for a while and you'll quickly see numerous, and often unexpectedly creative videos.

Six-Second Storytelling

Yes, seriously. You'll be surprised by just how much creative storytelling those few seconds can offer. By removing the need for video editing, Vine offers businesses a unique tool to aid in advertising.

Unlimited Unique Content Opportunities

For all the talk about the importance of creating unique content, few (if any) platforms offer quite the same ease of use and low-cost provided by Vine. Because marketers know that video is more likely to get views than pages of content without visual, even the simple enhancement of a blog post became well within reach.

Let's Chat...

Now I'd love to know your thoughts! Are you interested in further exploring Vine for business use? Or if you're already using it, what do you think?


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