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Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Budgets

Online marketing is challenging, even for the pros. As you've heard from any reputable advertising or marketing professional, there's no guarantee an elaborate campaign will produce the ROI one would hope. I mean, if you're on a tight budget as it is, it's no wonder that only marketing may feel next to impossible. Therefore a common gut reaction of many small business owners is to ignore online marketing in its entirety with the intent to 'revisit it at a later time.'

Big mistake!

While it certainly takes more research on the part of the business owner and/or their team, the following tips are designed to help you get the most out of what online marketing has to offer even on a shoestring budget.

Ask Yourself...

Who is our audience?

Knowing your industry is a given, as is knowing your product... but how well do you know your customers? How old are they? Are they male? Female? Why do they want or need your services? How do they spend their money? You don't need a marketing professional to unlock the mystery of your audience.

Where is our audience?

Now that you have the 'Who', let's focus on where to find them. This step may take some time, but it's important not to rush. Trial and error may be necessary and if so, you'll want to do it now as opposed to later.

What are our goals?

Your online marketing goals are going to change as time goes on, so don't panic if you have multiple goals. With that in mind, focusing on specific goals and then revising them as time goes on helps to give you a path. This will save you money long term as opposed to endless trail/error.

What is our budget?

Are you surprised this didn't come first on the list? Although money is obviously important, you cannot effectively market yourself until you know the above. Knowing your audience, how they spend, where to find them, and what you hope to achieve will help you to set a realistic budget.


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