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4 Steps to Higher Website Conversion

Getting traffic to your website is a challenge.

Once you've worked hard to get visitors to your site - you don't want to lose them because you haven't prepared your site for conversion. Here are a few steps to increase your conversion and capture those leads.

1.  First Impression

Don't be fooled - content alone will not convert visitors into leads.  University research has shown that it takes less then 1 second for a visitor to create a first impression of a website.  They will decide in that second if you are professional, credible and worth talking to. Make sure your website it Clean, Simple & Easy to understand and navigate.  Make sure your design matches your product or service offering.  Don't settle for a wimpy website or you could lose leads.

2.  Calls to Action

There should be a main call to action helping your visitors make a choice about what you want them to do or where you want them to go.  For example ask them to sign up to your newsletter to get industry updates or a promotion list to get free coupons and specials.  Ask them to submit their info for a free no obligation quote or bid.  Let them view a video that explains more visually and clearly what you do.

3. Give them something

When you offer a free download of a white paper, brochure or coupon - you're likely to start gathering leads.  Add an email request to the download and you are now building a database for future email marketing.  The bottom line here is don't just give them information - give them something to take with them so they at least remember you.  A helpful case study or white paper is often useful to convince a prospect that you know what you're talking about.  They may hold onto that and give you a call later as opposed to forgetting about you.

4. Show them a video

Video reports are all over the web that indicate conversion can go up 50-100% when video is used to explain a product, service or company.  It adds credibility. It's easier for visitors to digest as opposed to content copy that may come across as boring.  Video sells.

Of course we talk about the things we do well.  We can create video promotionals and white board animations that don't break the bank.  We specialize in custom website design as well. Let us know how we can help you today!



03/28/2013 10:11am
This is great advice, Shad. Another thing that I believe is great about video is that in addition to credibility, it also personalizes the user experience. Even though a visitor may not have met you face-to-face, they are able to hear and you. For many of us, that goes a long way in fostering an early interest and/or investment!

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