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Tablet Computers: 3 Years Later

Apple's iPad has made tablet computers a must-have for the masses. What's not to like? They're slim, their portability is second to none, and so long as you've disabled Siri, they don't talk back. When it comes to their use in the work-place, I've been very interested to see how (or if) they would evolve in to a genuine productivity tool.

  • Apple and Nordstrom have their sales associates charging credit cards, e-mailing receipts, and more thanks to the world of mobile.
  • Physicians now have the ability to access patient health records virtually, show images as they meet with patients, even look up information without having to grab a medical book, saves time and let's face it... the doctor with the iPad isn't exactly a bad PR move.

And in what I can only describe as beautifully inspiring...

  • Former reporter, Susan Spencer-Wendel typed an entire memoir on her iPhone using only her thumb after ALS stripped her of the use of her other limbs.

While studies show that certain office tasks that are traditionally completed using spreadsheets, word processing software, or customer relationship managers (CRM) tend to remain dominated by PCs, Tablets aren't coasting. When it comes to file syncing, sharing, social media and yes, presentations, tablet computers are playing to win.

Although they remain in their infancy, the mobile technology of smartphones and tablet computers has changed the world in only a few short years. Where will they go next?

Do you use a tablet computer for your business? We'd love to know more about your thoughts on tablet vs. PC; drop us a comment or connect with us via Twitter!


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