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Luna Bootcamp: Managing Your Online Reputation


The two most common uses for the internet are...

  • Research
  • Airing a complaint

Reputation has always been important. Yet with the internet and social media now playing a major role in every aspect of life, proactively managing your online reputation is a must.

Why Online Reputation Management Matters

By establishing a positive online reputation, you've already done the groundwork if you find yourself in the position of needing to do damage control. No company or person is perfect; most people understand and agree with this. Yet when you mess up, a positive brand image and solid online reputation are some of the most important tools you can use to recover from any blunder should one arise.

So how do you do it? Where do you start? Read on for a crash course in proactively establishing (or maintaining!) a positive online image and reputation.

Reputation Management 101

  • On Social Media...

Be active! There should be one person whose job it is to monitor, update, and respond to everything being said on your social media accounts. If you're not active any longer and/or don't wish to be on a certain network, delete the account completely and focus on those on which you'll be active.

  • Build Quality Links...

Link building helps in generating positive things being said about your company. By writing guest posts for blogs and websites pertaining to your area of expertise and including a link back to your site, your chance of positive exposure increases.

  • Maximize Google Alerts

Set up a Google Alert so that you'll be informed whenever your company or name is mentioned. You can adjust the settings to suit your notification needs, but either way, Google Alerts provides the information and this way, you can get involved with the discussion.

  • Provide High Quality Content

Content is for readers, not search engines. While there are ways to organically write content with search engines in mind, the goal is to provide helpful or interesting information that is relevant to your industry. Tempting as it can be to save a few bucks, hire a quality writer. Your reputation is too valuable to leave in the hands of a sub-par writer or SEO firm.


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