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Why the Rumored FaceBook Phone Is A Concept Worthy of the Ridiculist

FaceBook OS? A FaceBook phone?!

Please tell me I'm wasn't the only person who rolled my eyes and audibly groaned upon reading about the rumored release of a FaceBook phone, likely to make its debut sometime this year.

FaceBook is trying to take over the world thing aside, let's discuss this from a technology angle... The rumored device doesn't have a unique OS, but is ultimately an Andoid-based phone with OS modifications added courtesy of FaceBook. Short of feeding an ego, I do not understand why this is supposedly a great idea.

Even Microsoft came up short...

Remember the little software company called Microsoft and their infamous Windows phone? Obviously, Microsoft has been a dominant force in the technology sector for years. Software and operating systems are what these guys do day in and day out... And yet their phone is still lacking when compared to Android and iOS-based operating systems.

The idea that FaceBook could do better is unfathomable. I mean, let's face it... for years FaceBook's phone app was subpar at best. If they couldn't handle an app, it stands to reason there's no realistic way for this rumored phone to be a serious game changer... Or even a serious junior varsity player. 

And finally...

Everybody loves (to hate) FaceBook

Say what you will, but it's true. Despite its billion users, this is a company that regularly makes its way on to various 'Most Hated' lists. Add to that the concerns regarding privacy and data ownership that continue to plague the social media giant, the marketability of the device becomes more than a challenge: it becomes an extremely hard sell.

Bottom line

Yes, FaceBook has a billion users and sure, a few will get on board with a Zuckerphone, but I cannot fathom such a thing being able to win over the masses.

FaceBook phone or no FaceBook phone let us not forget the fate of early social networks like MySpace and the debacle that was Friendster. If their history is to go by, it's only a matter of time before there's a new kid (with far less baggage) on the social networking block.


04/01/2013 12:03pm
You have to remember here that if you have an audience and you are providing mobile content - you automatically have a market for a mobile device. Google wasn't in the phone business but bought Motorola Mobility because they already had an audience - and they do have the one-up with the Android OS. Anyway - I don't see a FB phone on my list - but there will be many (who live on FB) that will be ideal candidates. FB will now be able to actually make money of mobile. By the way - March 2013 was the first month that there were more mobile users then desktop users....and we're in April 2013

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