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Content - Blog post or web page?

Often time I get the question - "Can't I just build a web page instead of writing in a blog?"

The answer is: "yes - you can". However that answer typically comes with a little advice as to why you might prefer a blog format for your content.

You typically have the choice between writing a static informational web page on your website or CMS Content Management System OR posting to your blog.

First of all let's get this straight - content is content right?  Yes that's true. An article, case study, news snippet or any other type of unique content is definitely going to add value to your website.  A blog is different however and has so many advantages.

Here are the main advantages of a blog post versus a regular page of content. Blogs do so much more because they:

  • Are built into a software system that gives you tools...for example they
  • Allow commenting
  • Allow Social media share
  • Allow displaying with summary and author
  • Allow categorization
  • Allow calendar with dates of posts
  • Allow display with grid, etc.
  • RSS aggregation
  • Any many more things.

Because you write your blogs on a software platform you can also change the layout of that blog post much easier then if they are on distinct static web pages.  You can also migrate you blog content to another platform because it will typically be in database format.  The format can also be change for all of them quickly.

We have had several Wordpress blog owners migrate to our blog system in recent years.  Because they were on a good blog platform like Wordpress - the migration away to our platform was fairly seamless to do.  After a little big o work we were able to move their blog posts, images, urls, dates and everything else right on over as if it had never been moved. Google also respected the past SEO efforts because we took SEO into account with the migration.

So if you have the choice - post to a blog.  There is a time and a place for regular web pages and we'll talk about those types of "service" or "informational" web pages in another post.


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