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Collapsible interfaces

Having trouble fitting everything on the screen? Are you finding that you are displaying too much information all at once, potentially confusing the user?

Consider collapsible interface design to hide areas/information that aren't the immediate need. This will allow you to conserve space and better direct your user to the desired action. Collapsible interfaces are great for administration interfaces, where there is a lot of editable information available but not all of it is commonly edited but needs to be accessible.

You can display a collapsible interface in an accordion style ( see image ) or you can use individual collapsing elements. Accordion style interface collapsing creates an interface where only one section can be open at a time. If you click on Section 2 it will open Section 1 will close.

Individual collapsing elements can be all opened, all closed, or mixed. The user individually opens and then closes the items. Setting up good defaults for what is open automatically and what is automatically in a closed state is important to guide your user through the interface.


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