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Great Idea: Adobe Makes Popular Touch App Available for FREE (And It Kinda Rocks!)

Adobe Ideas, is a professional vector drawing Touch App for iOS. Following a sweet update, Illustrator's tablet-based app companion has been made available for FREE, courtesy of Adobe, for iPhone and iPad users. Sure, the former $10 price tag is essentially next to nothing in the world of Adobe software, but who doesn't love free stuff?

So, what features can you expect in the latest version?

  • Toolbar customization, allowing you to add your 'I-Can't-Live-Without-Them' brushes
  • Capabilities to assist you in drawing with more accuracy & precision
  • Social media sharing for seamless (or shameless!) self-promotion on FaceBook and Twitter
  • Your color themes can be synced with Kuler.

And finally...

  • If you're a Creative Cloud member, no worries —syncing Ideas between your iPad, iPhone and the iWhatever Computer of your choice, is a snap.

That's great, but I'm not a designer... I'm a business owner...

And that's not a problem.

Part of what makes Ideas a fun must-download is that while it is meant for professional designers, it has color tools and abilities that not only make it a fun 'toy', you never know what you may create by accident. Plus...

Adobe's upcoming companion app, great for artists and businesses

Adobe Kuler will also be soon to make its iPhone debut and even better, it has the potential to benefit small businesses. Users will be able to take a photo and capture colors from street art, a garden, or anything else in their day-to-day worlds, and create a color theme in seconds.

So what are you waiting for? Pop over to the app store, download Adobe Ideas and play away. For those who love to over share, now is the time to indulge on social media and use those newly added sharing features. I personally can't wait to see them, so be sure to connect with us on Twitter at @lunawebs and show me what you create.


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