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Verdict: The HTC First (aka the FaceBook phone) Is A Flop

Apparently I was not alone in my FaceBook phone skepticism. After slightly more than a month on the market, FaceBook's HTC First has failed to win-over consumers.

Dislike: HTC First Is A Flop

Exactly how badly did the First/FaceBook phone flop? Only 15,000 devices actually made it in to customers' pockets. Although the debut cost of $99 (with 2 year contract) was fairly standard within the mobile phone industry, as of last Thursday, the price dropped to well... 0.99 cents. Ouch.

While AT&T has yet to issue a public confirmation, the rumored word according to BGR and an unnamed source at AT&T is that the device is now in talks to be discontinued, with any remaining stock being returned to HTC as unsold inventory.

BGR's Zach Epstein went one step further in a tweet shortly after the news broke, choosing to drive the point home just a little bit more...

During the writing of this article, AT&T issued the following statement to BGR:

While it looks like it's best to file this under a tech rumor (for now) I for one can't help but think of that old saying, 'Where there's smoke, there's fire...'


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