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Spring Cleaning: 4 Simple Steps for a Clutter-Free Website

What's the one thing we all know about, have, and most likely use until our secret is out? A junk drawer.

Sure, it holds plenty of necessary information, but if you have to sort through a mess every time you want to find it, eventually, most of us give up. The content of your website is no exception. If you want users to take in more or your content, you’re going to need a way to clean up the information. That’s where info-graphics come in. They’re the IKEA organizer of content.

Spring clean your website with these 4 steps to cleaner, clearer content...

(And if you're really ambitious, we'd love to see what you can do with our kitchens... this applies to junk drawers everywhere.)

1. Expel the irrelevant.

When creating an infographic, you first need to get rid of the “filler” sentences and anything that doesn’t apply directly to your main point. Weed out the dried up pens, used tissues, and stale candy ‘till you’re left with the stuff that really matters.

2. Secure the most important pieces.

This is the good stuff: the working batteries, pristine sharpies, and engaging statistics. Figure out what message you really want your readers to walk away with, and what parts of your content most strongly support it. These are things like the following 'bet you didn't know' statements such as:

3. Arrangement is everything.

Create a hierarchy of what is important, what will grab the readers attention from the start, what will engage them further, and what you want them to leave with. Each part should be intriguing and present the material in a new, unique or interesting way.

4. Sigh with relief; bask in glow of contentment.

When you post a thoughtful infographic on your website/blog/FaceBook you can breathe easy that your readers will take away more information than they would a typical text post. As the writer you can leave the kitchen knowing that you provided your readers with pertinent information presented in a clear, concise, and compelling way.



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