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5 Helpful Tips for Professional Web Design

5 Helpful Tips for Professional Web Design

Having a professional web design is critical when creating a great online presence for your business. Here are 5 helpful tips to create the best content on the web to get the most traffic, convert the most viewers, and captivate your audience.

1) Content Creationutah web design

  • Clear headlines, precise and to the point
  • Consistent and specific content throughout the whole web page
  • Impeccable grammar, no spelling errors or mistakes
  • Less is more, keep it simple


2) Color Choices

  • Use the right colors in your professional web design to set the mood of the page and influence the viewer to take action
  • Yellow and Orange: attention grabbing, aggressive, optimistic, youthful (great color for call-to-action buttons)
  • Red: Energy color, creates a feeling of urgency, mostly used with clearance sales and food references
  • Blue: Creates a sense of trust and security, often associated with banks and businesses
  • Green: Easiest color for the eye to process, used in the finance or entertainment categories
  • Pink: Romantic and feminine, used to market products and services to women
  • Purple: Soothing and calm, often related to services for beauty and anti-aging
  • Black: Seen as a color of power, luxury, and sophistication


3) Call-to-Action Principals

  • Your call-to-action should be above the fold (make sure users do not have to scroll down to see the action they must take)
  • Use messaging that is clear, catchy, and to the point, ex: "download now", "buy", "free"
  • Call-to-action buttons should be big and bright, easy to spot (use colors like orange and yellow)


4) Images and Videos for Professional Web Design

  • Testimonial or product videos help to grab the attention of the viewer
  • Add something new and out of the ordinary
  • Compelling videos create a sense of personal connection with the viewer and the company that is extremely valuable


5) Linking to Outbound Sites

  • Best practices? Do not add any links to external sites, they will have a negative impact on conversions
  • Keep links to pages within site, and keep them very minimal


For more helpful tips and information on best practices of professional web design, view our other blog posts or contact a Luna Web representative today and see what you can do to help increase conversions and compel viewers to take action.



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06/11/2013 4:05pm
Professional web design at it's best. :)

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