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A Website Without a Logo - A Very Bad Idea

A Website Without a Logo

Ideally before you build a website, your logo/brand should be designed first.  Then all other designs should compliment the brand/logo you've just established.

Here's a few logo tips to consider before jumping in and building your website.

  1. Have a Cohesive Brand.  If you have a logo and a brand style - your website will look more cohesive and established.  You want your logo to look professional, and to fit the overall feel of your site.

  2. Think about your First Impression. If you don't have a logo or if you have a low quality logo - think... what will that look like to your potential customers? Remember a great first impression is sometimes the difference between a sale or no sale.

  3. Reputation and Brand Identity Awareness. Personally when I see a low-quality logo, it tells me the company probably cuts corners with their own products and services to save money.  I'm sure others might feel the same way.  In other words - if you don't value your own identity/brand - how can you value your own products or customers.

By now everyone knows the importance of having a website - but they get ahead of themselves before they establish a logo and brand.  Don't make the same mistake or it may cost you business. 


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