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Building Websites, Brick by Brick

I recently visited the Kimball Art Museum in Park City, Utah while they were exhibiting the most amazing pieces of art I've seen in a while. Nathan Sawaya creates sculpture pieces entirely out of Legos.

His creations aren't anything like the ramshackle houses I built growing up. They are incredible displays of ingenuity and innovation. So why didn't my Lego battleship ever look that good? We were using the same pieces! It's because Sawaya is a professional lego artist and I was a kid trying to build a better car than my brother.

When you need a professional website, you go to the professionals. Web designers and developers know how to present your company in the most cohesive and effective way possible. They have the bricks, the knowledge and the ability to make your vision a reality. It might seem easier to build it yourself, but the finished product is likely going to look more like my amateur attempt at a Lego car than the polished product of a professional.



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