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How are Businesses Using Social Media?

How are Businesses Using Social Media?

Today, it is critical to have a social media presence for your business. Most of us know that. But how are businesses successfully using social media to engage viewers, track trends, and increase their ROI? A lot of businesses are finding it tough to track the actual ROI from their social media efforts, which is what Wildfire (a division at Google) looks to do with their software specifically designed to help businesses track their social media successes.How are Businesses Using Social Media

While researching and comparing Lunaweb's social media efforts with some of our competitors through Wildfire's free tools, I came across some great reports that they offered (free after signing up) that I wanted to share with you. If there is one entity that I would follow and trust the social media efforts of, it would be Google. So here are some of the sacred documents of social media for business, that should answer the question, how are businesses using social media.

How Social Media Messaging Builds your Brand
7 Strategies to Keep your Consumers Coming Back for More

Engaging Consumers Where it Matters Most
How to Win Fans and Influence People in Today's "Social Customer Lifecycle"

The Road to ROI
Building a Strategy for Social Marketing Success

Social Advertising Best Practices Guide 
Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Why One Size Does Not Fit All and How You Should Approach Each

Sometimes it gets overwhelming to take all the different aspects of social media and build them into your brand effectively. It is important to narrow down what you want to accomplish with your social media, whether it be brand awareness, customer engagement, converting viewers, or other goals, but once you have established a future social media goal, you can then delve into these documents with more precision and decide what will help your business and what is not relevant, and not only find out the broad answer to "how are businesses using social media", but find out how your specific business can take advantage of social media. Remember, like our motto here at Lunawebs, don't get too overwhelmed, take all the data, weed out the stuff that does not matter, and keep it simple.


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