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Are you Listing your Ecommerce Products on Google Search?

Product Listing on Google Search: Why you need a Google Merchant Account

Let’s say you want to buy a bottle of the best nail polish. What’s the first thing most of the population would do to research? Search for it on Google!

Out of this search result, what compels you the most to click? The images… right? Sometimes you will see these same images to the right of the search bar, where there are more rows of product listings. But how does Google come up with those image results? How can you leverage this product listing to help sales with your ecommerce? Let’s find out…

Advertising with Google

Google has two main areas of paid advertising, with many in between. One is Adwords, and the other is the Google Merchant Account. With Adwords, you can be advertised at the top of Google’s search results with text images for different queries, and on Google’s partner sites with text ads, video ads, or image ads.

When you see product listings right on the Google search page, these are coming from businesses that have signed up for a Merchant Account with Google. If you have an ecommerce site with products that are valuable enough to bring you a ROI by listing them on Google’s search results, it might be a good option to sign up for an account and start advertising!

Sign Up for a Google Merchant Account

Signing up is easy, but where this may get a little complicated is listing your products for the right keywords and search terms that potential buyers will be looking for. You want to be as specific as possible with targeting your search audience so that your advertising money will be spent effectively and you will have the least amount of junk clicks.

If you have an ecommerce website, I highly recommend looking into signing up for a Google Merchant Account and taking advantage of getting more potential buyers to see your products online. It’s amazing what more visibility on search engines can do for product sales in business. 


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