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Driving More Traffic to your Website

Driving More Traffic to your Website

So you have a website... now what? Many businesses have great websites developed from amazing web design companies, and assume the work stops there. What they don't know, is that the doors have just opened up for the opportunity to have amazing traction and gain a wide audience that has not been reached through word-to-mouth transactions. 

What are some Simple Ways to get More Traffic to your Website?

  • Start Blogging!!!

    • Why?
      1. Building your Rankings: A new page will be indexed by Google every time you blog. More pages, more traffic. 
      2. Relationship Building: Keeping a conversation going with your web followers is important, you keep the relationship and stay in their mind for your areas of expertise
  • Social Media

    Despite many people that argue social media is not important, it has gained high importance in many aspects of online marketing. Having all of the necessary social media profiles and updating them regularly will help you get more publicity, increase your rankings in search engines dramatically, and widen your online presence to some of the main websites that people visit on a regular basis.
  • Paid Advertising

    If built out correctly, paid advertising through major traffic sites can be extremely helpful. BUT, if you do not optimize your ads correctly, it can also waste money. My recommendations are to use your paid advertising budget for major search engines, and avoid social media paid advertising. Also to avoid the horror of spending your money and not seeing any return, make sure to get an expert to help build out your campaigns for the best ROI.
  • Client Reviews

    If you have accounts like Google+ and have claimed your listing for Google Maps, you should ask some of your clients for reviews on these profiles. These reviews can help boost your rankings in search engines and increase your credibility with potential viewers. The most important places to get reviews are Google+ and Google Maps, but you can also look at having your clients review your business on sites like Yelp, LinkedIn, and more (ones of which are not as relevant, but still have importance). 

For other great ways to increase your traffic and get your website soaring, keep an eye out for more blogs, or give us a call!


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