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Too Busy to Blog? Not With These Time Saving Tips!

Unless you have the means to employ a staff of full-time content writers, chances are your business blog suffers from a lack of consistency. Don’t fret. Our list of time saving tips are designed to increase your writing efficiency and productivity without added stress.

Stuff the storage room with ideas.

While we don’t recommend post-its all over the walls, you do need a single place where you can quickly jot down ideas.

  • Carry a small notebook and a pen.
  • Make a voice memo using your smartphone.
  • Use the Notes app on your smartphone.


  • Quality and relevance are irrelevant; write it all down.
  • You can always refine your concept later.

Curate an on-going content plan.

Translation? You need a calendar. The content plan goes like this:

  • Track the subject matter to be tackled during a specific week and/or month.
  • Track deadlines of when you will finish a piece.
  • Track the dates on which when they will be posted.
  • For extra credit, you may want to note how you will generate interest in, or promote your latest post.

And then there’s one part of this plan is not negotiable:

  • Update your content plan on a regular basis.

Not only will this aid you in developing consistency, it keeps you thinking like a writer and with time, managing it will become a habit as opposed to ‘the thing I have to finish before I go home for the weekend… on a Friday. At 5:30.’

Schedule your writing time.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but if it were that easy, every body would have a perfectly consistent blog every day. Ask yourself:

  • When do you find you are at your most creative?
  • When do you feel most alert?
  • When are you least likely to end up in the midst of distractions?

I am a night owl who can easily churn out thousands of words when given the luxury of working between 11pm and 4am. Others are at their best when they first wake in the morning. Analyze your own habits and own that keyboard!

Remove the guessing games; implement analytics.

Relying on user generated comments and social media sharing buttons can work on some level, however, they shouldn’t be your sold source of information.

Consider adding analytics software to your website in order to track data. This will give you insight in to:

  • Your most popular posts.
  • How many clicks you are receiving on each post.
  • The topic(s) that tend to be well received by your readers.
  • Which pages visitors spend the most time.

As you begin to notice patterns, you can better tailor your content to effectively reach your readers.


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