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For Real-Time Info On LAX Tragedy, Officials Direct the Public to... Twitter?

Today around 9:30 am Pacific Time, a shooter opened fire at Los Angeles International Airport, tragically killing a TSA agent and wounding several others. It goes without saying that the actions that took place at LAX are senseless and devastating. With rumors and speculation already hitting the social sphere, at 10:37, the following tweet was posted:

For members of the social media community, the response from officials is something those in our industry are noting closely.

Although they declined to identify the shooter at a press conference, they informed the public that the LAX Official Twitter account, @LAX_Official, would be their best source for getting the most ‘up to date information on both the shooting and the effects on inbound and outbound flights.’

Are there any uses of social media that have surprised you? What do you think about Twitter (or other social networks) doubling as news sources?


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