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Which Content Management System is best for me?

Ever since the late 1990's, the CMS (Content Management System) has revolutionized the way website content is published to the internet. Whether you are a national organization with ambitions to go global or a small-town blogger with a passion for writing, the CMS has drastically reduced the need to hand code web pages and has encouraged web content to be created faster than ever.

Are you ready to choose a CMS? I'm going to provide a balanced list of pros and cons for three popular choices and help you make an informed decision.




- Easy to use and good for beginners - Not very secure, requires regular updates

- Free and Open Source, which means if you can code you can customize the CMS itself

- Creating groups and assigning user to them is not supported by default
- Easy to install yourself - Not able to handle large amounts of traffic very well out of the box
- Largest community of users and supporters - You need a basic understanding of HTML and PHP






- Free and Open Source, but harder to customize than Wordpress - The least user friendly of the three and requires time to learn

- Many free templates and plugins to choose from

- When you modify a file, you are doing so "live" and there is no backup of the file
- Better capable than Wordpress at managing user groups and permissions - Very limited support documentation
- Strong developer community - Lacks advanced SEO abilities out of the box





- High security: industry standard encrypted code that is closely monitored under source control - Proprietary Software, which means that you can't customize, add new features, or install the CMS yourself

- Managing users and permissions is very easy out of the box

- Not free
- You don't need any knowledge of programming whatsoever to get started; if you know how to write a word document you can add content to your site - Relatively new, with a small community of users
- Rich, in-depth support docs and employees ready to provide support  





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