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Does your business need a mobile website or a mobile app?

The mobile age has come upon us, whether we are ready for it or not. The popularity of smartphones and tablets has made it more than necessary for businesses to have some sort of mobile presence. Within this very year, internet usage on mobile devices is expected to surpass internet usage on desktop computers. As Bob Dylan would testify, the times sure are changing.

Perhaps you or your business currently own and maintain a website, but you want to get started on your mobile presence. To make the most effective use of your funds, you will want to choose between optimizing your website for mobile or building a mobile app because its possible you don't need both right away.  I will share several questions that will help guide your decision.

Do your customers need to have an internet connection in order to take advantage of your service?

  • If your services/products require an internet connection (shopping cart, logins, etc.) you may want to consider a mobile site.

Will you be consistently updating your mobile content and services?

  • When you release a version of an app, even the smallest change will require you to go through the process of releasing a new version of the app.  Mobile sites are just like desktop sites in that you can make and release changes fast.

Are you targeting all internet users, or a specific population?

  •  A mobile site can be accessed by any device with a web browser and internet connection. Mobile apps are specific to their platforms, which means you will need to develop separate apps for iPhone users and Android users.

Mobile apps truly are more versatile and the better option for small businesses.  Contact us today and we can help get your site mobile optimized.  We can also help you if you need a custom app solution.


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