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A New Angle


The other night a notification popped up on my phone screen, it was from the Snapchat Team. Which typically I wouldn’t have opened, but I just clicked on it and to my surprise I was drawn into what they were informing me of. It contained an entire tutorial on this new story option they had created just for EDC stories on Snapchat. At that moment, I knew what EDC was but had no understanding of the concepts or dynamics behind it. Then I had a realization of the popularity of this event for one application as well-known as Snapchat to recognize one event so big that they decided to create a whole category for it. My curiosity at this point initiated my research behind what all of this was about.

 I have been to music concerts before but EDC would blow any of those out of the water I am sure. EDC standing for Electric Daisy Carnival is put on by Insomniac and a carnival it is. They don’t only play music but they have live performers, light shows, interactive art, and circus acts, but the audience participation is their number one focus. They create this experience for their guest’s that allows every sensation of their bodies to be enticed in this moment. From the lights to the creatures they bring to life all around the audience, they create a world unlike any other place on this earth.

While reading about the journey he has had to overcome, Pasquale Rotella is finally living his childhood dreams. He is the true mastermind behind EDM (Electric Dance Music). He held the vision of these extremely detailed events and technological advances now have helped him put all of this together to create EDC. He has not just created an entirely new category of music and concerts, but an experience for his guests that can never be taken away. The intricate detail that is behind the designs, with the coupling of technology is a powerful and almost unrealistic thought. The way these two extremes come together is pure beauty.

Now, I understand why Snapchat took such an interest to this event. They have always had stories where “snaps” can be shared with your friends for 24 hours, but now they turned it up a notch. With simply one location of an event, Snapchat can now bring all of these stories together. EDC was chosen to be the test run for this new category at their annual event in Las Vegas, Nevada this last weekend. Don’t worry though, your pictures weren’t shared automatically. The EDClive account would have to be added and your location turned on your phone.

The real reasoning behind this new feature is to be able to see every different angle and side of an event. This, in my opinion, is extremely creative. Now it won’t be just a curiosity of what the stage looks like from a different area, everyone added to this stream will get a slide show of everyone’s position and angle of EDC. How brilliant it is to merge this popular event and application, and it will, without a doubt, be a pivotal occurrence.


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