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Digital Book Sales Overtaking Paper Book Sales

Amazon has recently announced that it now sells more books in digital format than it does paper format. What is staggering about this find is the relatively short period of time it took for this to happen. Ebook readers have only been on the market for a few years in comparison to hard copy books. This shows that modern reading habits are changing at a fast rate. Take a look on a bus or train and you'll see that this is quite true.

ebooks and print books

At the same time the lovers of paper agree that there is a place for digital book versions and likely will be from now on. They are simply too convenient and too easy to pass up, however it’s very unlikely that they’ll override traditional paper books at any point. Publishers are announcing surges in sales for their books but many readers remain dedicated to paper and refuse to purchase e-books or other virtual versions of their literature. There is some speculation that the book will go the way music has and become the next “ipod moment” of the generation but most editors and publishers find this to be unlikely. Many of them strike a balance by having their work exist in a digital world while their libraries remain very 20th century, so to speak.

However, even long time authors like Anne Rice and John Grisham have embraced the new world of e-books and are taking steps to have their books put into virtual formats for readers that choose to go the online or e-book route. While there is a big case for the e-book and sales of readers are climbing dramatically, the standard view is that the printed book will always be around and that convenience doesn’t outweigh the love of the printed work quite yet.


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