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Email Marketing: Improves SEO and Increases Conversion Rate

Earlier this year, The Madison Logic company released a statistic that claimed 122 Billion emails are sent every hour.  That's more than a trillion emails per day!  So, of the trillion or so emails that were sent out today, how many of them came from you?  Better Question:  How many of the emails that you sent today directly assisted in an increase in revenue for your business?  I'm sure you sent out a few that made an impact.  There was that one to that guy/girl who your are developing a partnership with, and that other email that helped you close the new deal.  

What if I were to tell you that email marketing campaigns do SO much more than just sit in inboxes world-wide. What if I told you your SEO could improve by sending out mass emails?  What if I told you that your conversion rate would increase on your digital leads?  Lastly, what if I told you that you are losing money by NOT Emailing your customer base, list of leads, or your fans, on a regular basis?

Email Marketing Improves Organic SEO Efforts.  Now, of course a mass email cannot impact a webpage the same way a title tag can, but it can still have an impact.  "How?"You might ask.  Well, there are two easy ways that you can use to make email marketing improve your SEO:

  1. Encouraging Engagement: During Google's most recent algorithm change, social media has become vital in a good SEO campaign.  This is because Google is recognizing the value in engagement.  The whole point of Google's algorithm is to determine which website is the "Authority" on the subject matter that was put into the query on  In determining which website should rank first, Google seeks out that Authority as they are most likely to have the answer that Google's customer is seeking out.  So, if someone searches for "best pizza in Utah," Google will do it's best to match the customer with the best pizza in Utah.  This is where social media has come into play.  Google will now read through Facebook, Twitter, and look for content that is getting the most engagement.  If Website A has double the Facebook shares, and three times as many re-tweets, as competitor B, then Google will conclude Website A to be the authority.  So, when a consumer searches for "best pizza in Utah," Google will look through millions of shares, likes, comments, and more to determine which pizza place s, in fact, the best in Utah.  Please keep in mind that Google has many additional variables in the algorithm, but I wanted to explain the point. 
  2. Publish Newsletter Content: Is content easy to produce?  For a select few, it comes very easy to produce.  For everyone else, it's an arduous process that takes long hours and research and attention to detail.  Creating website content is very hard.  So are writing mass emails.  So, why not kill two birds with one stone?  Send out the email to reach your audience, and then publish it as a page on your website.  Your email content will act just like a new page built on your site.  It will get indexed, it will be shared; and, as a result, it will boost your SEO efforts.  Writing emails can seem like a waste of time, but creating new website content isn't a waste so why not do both?  Everyone wins.

By utilizing the two recommendations above, your SEO will naturally improve as you sell your products/services through email.  Your conversion rate increases because you are drawing attention to a bit of content that the recipient has already demonstrated to be an interest.  Have you read about re-marketing in adwords?  It's when an Ad follows you from website to website for two weeks (or until you make a purchase).  Re-marketing increases conversion rate by giving interested buyers a second or third chance to buy what they already wanted.  Email works in a similar fashion.  You are emailing a group of people that you know.  They may be customers, fans, or even leads.  Create the content that they want to read, and let them have it.  Many of them have been your customers in the past, and many of them will be customers in the future.  Give them another chance to check out, and boost your SEO in the process.  Email marketing continues to be the most cost-efficient way to do good Online Marketing.  When are you getting started?


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