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OpenOffice Is A Winner

All throughout school, I had easy access to Microsoft Office and its suite of desktop applications, including Excel, its spreadsheet program. As soon as I graduated high school and I purchased a new laptop for my college courses, I was soon faced with a harsh reality: Microsoft's suite of office applications are nowhere near being free. As a typically broke college student, I did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on software after having just spent hundreds of dollars on the new computer I needed. I sought out a solution, and it did not take long at all to find the perfect solution: OpenOffice. OpenOffice is a free open source suite of office applications aimed to be a complete replacement of Microsoft Office. I must say, OpenOffice is pretty great.

openoffice-Calc-logo.pngTake for example OpenOffice Calc, the direct competitor to Excel. It is free to download for all operating systems, whereas purchasing Excel for use on a single computer will cost you about $80. I have been using Calc for about 3 years now, and have yet to find a limitation that would persuade me to think that Calc is any less superior to Excel. With Calc being such an effective and free replacement for Excel, why would I ever need to go back? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Which programs do you prefer?


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