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Tools to Make Things Easier: Modern Day Business Software is That Simple

one login for almost everythingAll good software platforms do one thing: they serve as tools to make things easier for a business owner, student, or for anyone else.  Microsoft Word, the most common word processor on earth, is a very effective software platform because it allows users to create documents by processing words in order to create written works.  It's used by everyone; and, in almost every case, makes life a little bit easier than it would be sans the software.

The content management system (CMS) is another type of software that was first created in the late nineties, due to the difficulty in learning computer languages that, at the time, were required to create a website.  The CMS eliminated the need to hand-code a website; and, with the increased demand for quality websites, the CMS has rapidly evolved.  All businesses need a website, and the majority of them cannot afford to spend the money to have computer scientists regularly working on their sites.  With a modern day CMS at your service, you can update your website using the same skill set you use to edit a Microsoft word document.  If you want your text bolded, italicized, or underlined, you highlight the text and click the corresponding button.  It's very easy.  The simplicity of the CMS tool has already gone through it's revolution, and most platforms already have the basic capability of converting text into html. 

software modules for small businessSo, what's next?  We believe it's taking every other software tool you use, and adding that into your CMS.  Who's your mass email provider?  Mailchimp or Constant Contact?  Who has the password for that account?  Does that person still work at our company?  They do, but they're out sick today.  Does anyone else have the password?  How about the password for our Facebook account?  What about our Twitter account?  Do you see what we're getting at here?  What if one login worked for your CMS, and your Mass Email, and your social media profiles, and your blog, your analytics, and your shopping cart?  What if it also had a thorough CRM?  Now we're talking about Mailchimp, Facebook, Salesforce, Wordpress, Google Analytics, and more, all accessible from one location.  Wouldn't that make your life so much easier?  Here at Luna, we are creating tools to make things easier for you.

When you build websites for ten years, you get requests of all sorts from small business owners just like you.  They all needed a website, but they also needed the website to have a shopping cart.  Or, they needed the website to manage their customers' subscriptions.  Over the years, we were asked if our websites could include a calendar with event registration, or a directory or listings.  We've worked with thousands of companies, and they all needed their software to do the same thing: "make things easier."  We're here to make things easier for you and your company.  Today's modern business software is complex, so your staff doesn't need to be.  It's efficient in many areas, so you don't need as many people.  Our software platform is just a tool to make things easier for you, no matter your industry or needs. 


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