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Custom Website Project: What Does "Custom Website" Mean?

custom website design projectA Custom Website isn't what it used to be.  There was a day when a client would ask for a custom website, and they would get a brand new, professionally unique, design that encompassed the brand of the organization.  That original graphic design would be coded from scratch, hosting was set up, and, POOF, a new work of art was released to the world wide web.  That service has not gone away, but several corporations have popped up who are all pawning off modified website templates as "Custom Websites."  By definition, the websites they're selling are custom websites, but they are by no means what a customer expects when they hear "Custom Website Design."  Many of the template based websites sold don't look like they've been done before; when in reality, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of replicas being used throughout the country and throughout the world.

While the thought of a custom website for under a thousand dollars sounds like a great deal, it always comes with the headache of not knowing what can or can't be done in terms of post-launch modifications.  For instance, if you want to add an E-Commerce functionality to your site, it might not be possible.  If you need a blog, it also might not be possible.  You want a slider, but they may only have one kind available because the website isn't truly "Custom," and that slider may have a very slow lag time.  For many businesses, the lower budget is all that's needed.  A food truck needs a website, but a food truck doesn't need any custom functionality.  They need a menu, a contact page, a schedule, and that's it.  A value site is a great solution for them.  The website will get the job done, until they are ready to expand into a commercial location.  As soon as a business starts physically expanding, they need their website to grow with them.  The biggest issue with the template websites is that they can only be elaborated as far as they were initially built to go. 

It's very unfortunate when a client comes to us asking for a custom website for less than a thousand dollars.  They tell us that the company that sells the phone directory told them a custom website could be created with zero dollars down, and they aren't lying.  The problem is that, when comparing their product to ours, we are never talking apples-to-apples.  The value sites are called "Custom Websites" and they're sold for around $500.  The sites that we sell as "Custom Websites" are designed uniquely for our clients, and they are coded per order.  They can't be built for less than a few thousand dollars; but, when purchased, our clients get a website that can be built upon, and it's built to industry standard, giving it the capability to rank well on search engines.  Lastly, out clients own the code that they've purchased.  When you stop paying the monthly charge for a value site, it disappears; and, many times it cannot be brought back.

When you're getting ready to buy a website, call us for a free consultation.  Our team of experts have the experience to know what your business needs.  We'll be the first to tell you if you can get by for now on a value site, but it may save you thousands of dollars, countless hours spent, and several bad headaches if you spend the money the first time.  Get in touch today, and give us a chance to help.


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