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The King of Android File Managers

OI File ManagerIf you're a consumer, the odds are high that at some point in your life you have experienced the excitement of opening a box containing a brand new smartphone and marveling over its beauty, speed, and capabilities. For most people, half of the apps that come with the phone are unusable, so they go straight to their app store of choice to download some alternatives.

Of all of the apps on an Android device, the file manager is considered by many to be the most sensitive. People expect their file manager to work right out of the box, and they can become quickly frustrated when it can't fix the problem it was supposed to solve.  When they don't work as planned, the more popular and recognizable apps will send across a message like this: "This is the way our app is designed and this is the way it works. Good luck finding an alternative that is as good." But, because of plentiful competition and because the file manager performs such a seemingly simple task, it's unable to make such claims.

If you visit the Apps section of the Google Play Store and search for "file manager", you will be pleased to find that there are hundreds of different options. What is not pleasing is trying to guess which ones are usable, avoiding the ones that are horrible, and finding the one that is great and provides a consistent experience. I'll save you a little bit of time: somewhere around the 10th result you'll see an app by the name of "OI File Manager". Go ahead and install that one.

OI File Manager MenuThe OI stands for "Open Intents", which reveals that the app is very much open source. (It is so open source that you can quickly download the app in just 2 clicks from the website using any browser on any device.) The fact that the app is open source plays a huge part in why it is the best. With all of the apps that you use that contain ads, why add another one to the list? Also, why would you need to give any company access to the private files on your device?

Another reason why OI File Manager is awesome is because it allows you to extract files from a zip file. This sounds so simple, but you would be surprised to know how many different apps I had to go through before finding one that was able to do so in such a straightforward way. Straightforward is the keyword to remember. If you're frustrated with how confusing, incapable, and slow your local file manager is, check out OI File Manager.


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