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Update Your Business Listing on Apple Maps Connect

Apple Maps Connect for BusinessLast night, search engine land reported that you, as a small business owner, have one more thing to add to your tasks list.  Apple Maps is now editable by business owners, or by their authorized representatives.  Unfortunately, as of now, agencies and webmasters will have a lot of difficulty using the service because each listing claimed requires a separate Apple ID. 

Similarly to the way one would claim a Google Maps listing, obtaining access to an Apple Maps listing requires an automated call verification to confirm ownership.  The service is free, so, from the standpoint of a small business, there is no reason not to claim your listing.  Even if you think you're Apple Maps listing already looks perfect, we still recommend getting it done now, so you can add additional categories to your listing to drive additional traffic to your site.

New listings, or updates to existing listings, are said to go live within a week, possibly sooner, unless a listing is flagged for fraud, which could require users to proceed through a few additional verification steps.  The Apple Maps platform receives over a million visitors every year, and it's accessible to the general public.  So, take care of it now and capitalize on free web traffic.

To claim your listing, proceed to


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