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Social Media No Longer Organic: Requires A Marketing Budget

Paid Social Media Marketing BudgetHave you ever wondered why Facebook is worth billions of dollars?  They don't charge you to create an account, and there are no monthly fee for usage or maintenance; so, how does the company pay for their thousands of employees and for their Frank Gehry-designed campus?  Simple: by showing you ads every time you log in.

Social Networks, like medical clinics, restaurants, and clothing stores, need to pay their bills; and, for social networks, advertisements comprise the majority of their revenue.  With the number of social media users growing by the day, those advertisements are reaching broader audiences, driving the cost of advertisements up by the day. 

Facebook, which was once an organic platform where businesses could engage with their audiences, is now littered with sponsored stories and display advertisements. As a business owner, you can still use Facebook to engage and grow your business organically; however, if your competitors are paying to remain in your audience's news feed all day long, then you are missing out on business.

Slowly, each and every social platform will include paid features that are meant to help businesses engage.  And, as social media becomes an increasingly useful marketing tool, your social media strategy could become vital to your growth.  Developing a social media following is very different from a paid standpoint, as opposed to the traditional organic approach.

We've come to a time where you now need to allocate part of your marketing budget to social media.  Hiring a kid out of school won't get the job done, and neither will doing it yourself.  It's time that you prepare to take another step into the future of client acquisitions.  Facebook is paying the bills with advertisements, and everyone else is following the trend.  Get ahead before you fall behind.


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