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3 Tips to Help You Get to Know Your Customers Like Friends

Get to Know Your Customers Like Your Friends USing AnalyticsYou know what makes your friends happy, and you know what makes them tick.  Would it help you to know what makes your customers happy, and to know what makes them tick?  Sure it would. What if there is something about your homepage design that is a pet-peeve to the majority of your audience?  Wouldn't you want to know?  Avoiding pain points and making your customers happy can be the difference between a good and a great business, so getting to know your audience might be the first step in elevating your business from good to great.

  1. Who is Your Audience?  Understanding your demographic is the first step towards engaging with your demographic.  Just like understanding your friends is a vital first step in developing a relationship with them.  Are they married or single?  Are the retired or just out of college?  Do they live in New England, or the southwest desert?  Once you understand the demographic, you understand more about the person (i.e. someone in Park City, UT is more likely to buy a snow blower than someone in  Miami, FL).
  2. How Does Your Audience Find You?  Opening up your analytics software is like looking into a crystal ball.  If your number one referer of website traffic is Facebook, then you should consider allocating additional budget dollars to social media marketing.  Then, figure out which pages are getting hit, and create more of those pages.  Research which links your audience has clicked on in the past, and know that they will likely be clicked on again.  Answer this question: "How do my website visitors interact with my website?" With that answer, you can adjust accordingly.
  3. Don't Assume Anything!  You must be willing to let go of your preconceived notion of who your audience should be, and use statistics to identify who is really paying your bills.  Get to know those people because they may be very different from the people you know.  They may prefer to engage with you by email instead of by social media.  They may like to watch your videos, but they hate reading the copy you write.  The only thing you should assume is that there are people who want your product/service. 

Understanding your audience isn't done in a matter of hours or even days; however, by properly setting up your tracking software, all you have to do is wait and see.  Look at who is buying your product,  figure out where they are, and how they'd like you to address them.  Lastly, don't assume that you know them because you probably don't know them.  Unless, you are a barber with a clientele dating back to the 80's, then you'd better let your analytics tell you who they are.  Make them happy, avoid what makes them tick, and you're business will thank you.


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