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How Important is Customer Service To You?



How often do we depend on others in one given day? We are constantly interacting with people every single day in one way or another and it’s always important to remember this concept, especially in a business setting. I think some people forget that business deals directly with people and is supported by good customer service. The definition of business is "the practice of making one's living by engaging in commerce." In the breakdown of this definition, it is to engage in commerce, but commerce is exchanged by people in their business enterprises. This is why good customer service should be the foundation of any business because it always comes back to the people as being the main motivation.

Good customer service is also what can set you apart from your competitors and also to your suppliers. It will be the deciding factor in why they chose to work with you over somebody else. For an example, how often do we return to a restaurant a second time if the first time was a horrible experience due to the poor customer service provided to you? Close to never, at least in my book. Most importantly, people want to feel like their business is valued by whoever they are exchanging commerce with, otherwise they may not come back again.

So remember in your business practices how important it is to build relationships with your customers, because it ensures their return in the future. One thing I have learned in school and in my own experience here at Luna, is that people sell to people. We need to remember that it is the people and good customer service that is the base for establishing a profitable enterprise. 



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