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You may have heard the term "CMS" used before on the web. You might think that term refers to a specific technology brand or function, however it can have a much deeper meaning.

On the surface, CMS directly stands for Content Management System. However, this means different things to different people. Most commonly the term is used to refer to a system that allows you to edit and organize content pages on a website.

When the term is used loosely, it can also mean a tool/system that allows you to manage blog posts, articles, product catalogs, registered users, etc. Not all content management systems are created equal, some only allow you access to very few details or content pieces on your website. I have seen some that only allow access to edit a single heading and paragraph content ( no images or formatting on text ). Any good CMS should also give you access to your optimization tags ( title, keywords, description ) for your pages.

Here at Luna, our CMS platform allows customers to edit all their content on the pages and also lay out the pages using elements designed by our professional graphic designers. You can also easily organize your pages into top level navigation pages, sub pages, and linked pages with rich content ( graphics, text formatting, responsive elements, etc ). If you are more savvy, you can dig in deeper and adjust html for your website shell and page layouts. We designed our platform this way, because to us CMS should have a deeper meaning and usage for our clients. 


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