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A World Lost and Found in Branding

I studied Art History while I was in school, and one thing that continued to come up in class discussions and in my own writing and research, was the issue of branding. We live in a world of brands to which we are exposed to on a daily basis. I bet if I asked you right now, you could name at least 10 brands off the top of your head. I can also assume that you could go on to describe their brand logo colors and maybe the jingle from advertisements. We live in a world of branding and there is no escaping it. Brands exist everywhere, and in every industry, including university art history discussions. Screen shot 2015-07-21 at 8.56.57 AM.png

Establishing and maintaining a consistent brand is not always an easy task, but it should be a major cornerstone to your business. Creating a brand goes much further than picking two colors in your logo. Although that step is important, creating a brand is more about creating a culture and overall feeling for your company and business strategies. This culture is how the public will perceive your company and that guarantee could eventually generate brand loyalty in the industry. People buy and interact with the brands that they trust and love. Which is why it is so crucial to establish your brand with the vision you have for it now and for the future.

I know here at Luna we take our brand very seriously. We never publish or put our name on anything that is not consistent with our brand image and standards. Our brand is a reflection of our culture and attitude and we want to make sure how we feel is also how the public perceives our business. 

What did you in your business, establish your brand? Leave a comment below with some tips for all our readers!


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