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Adobe Photoshop App

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I don't know about you but I'm not one to take many selfies but with this new photoshop app from Adobe I know I'll be taking more pictures. Now many of us are familiar with Adobe photo editor on our PC however this new app will be able to bring a more accessible way to interface.
Adobe has been working on mobile apps for years, on 2011 the first edition of photo editor for mobile devices from Adobe came out named as Photoshop Touch, unfortunately it wasn't all the it was cracked up to be, it wouldn't let you display any more than the most basic information for a file; for instance, it didn't show the image dimensions or any EXIF info. It also offered only the most basic sharing, which was e-mailing a link and only allowing comments. In May, Adobe announced the end of Photoshop Touch while offering a sneak peek at Project Rigel, the new photoshop app, predicted to come out in october. This new app however will only be eligible for download for Apple's iPhones and iPad. No worries Android fans, Adobe still offers a couple other related mobile apps, Photoshop Express app for lightweight photo editing and Photoshop Mix for combining two photos.


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