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4 Major Tips on Staying Inspired

If you are like everyone else on this planet, you may have noticed that your attention span doesn't last all 24 hrs., your energy levels go up and down through the day, and that you have hopes and dreams for yourself and the future. if this sounds correct, then keep reading.

Sometimes it's hard to stay happy and focus when you have a lot of responsibilities and you want to focus on every single thing at the same time, or when you have set goals for yourself and you just don't accomplish those goals. Well, cheer up! We've all been there at some point in our lives, what's important now is that you know you can help yourself to stay happy and inspired to accomplish your goals by following some of these useful tips, which by the way, they will come naturally to you once you understand the usefulness of each.

I. Take Care of Yourself

a. Exercise regularly (Doesn't 30 minutes a day sound so attainable?)
b. Sleep uninterruptedly (Although power naps are allowed, it is important that you have a few hours of uninterrupted sleep through the night)
c. Eat well (You don't need to be radical... just swap the ice cream cone for an apple)

II. Don't Procrastinate

a. Plan your days (Creating to-do lists and task lists is highly encouraged! Take a few minutes each night to create a mental map of your major responsibilities for the next day)
b. Follow through with the plan (Set up reminders, or even better, create a *schedule* with time slots for each item on the list.)
c. Be organized, even with the little things. (Be organized at home and at work/school)

III. Stay Interested

a. Read every day (Read the news, blog posts, a chapter of a cool book, anything)
b. Brainstorm constantly (Is there anything you could be doing more effectively at work? Is there any project you'd like to start at home?)
c. Learn something new (You don't need to learn a new language by Friday, but there are plenty of things you could be learning every day, like the meaning of a new word, for example)

IV. Focus On Your Well Being

a. Be grateful (For being healthy, for having a job, for your family, for the opportunities)
b. Be clean (Physically and mentally)
c. Do more of what makes you happy (Think of the small things that make you happy, discovering new places in your city? Watching movies at home? Yoga?)  

Stay Inspired


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